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ProService Magazine is published every other month for members of NESDA/ISCET, and for NESDA members, a printed magazine is mailed to the membership address on file in April and August. Other issues are online only.

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With the February 2009 issue, ProService Magazine began using an online service called Bluetoad to make our issues available as an interactive publication that loads faster. The blue toolbar at the top of the window has a row of icons that offer various options you may wish to explore that control your view. These include Zoom, Search, Share, and Settings. You may flip through the issues by either using the Flip Page corner icon or clicking on an arrow in the toolbar. If you prefer a printed issue, you may click on the Tools icon (it looks like 3 small pens) and clicking on the Print dropdown.

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For issues of ProService with dates prior to February 2009, clicking on a link to an issue brings up a PDF file. Some of these issues may be 24 pages or more in length and 1 MB or more in size. Loading speed, of course, will depend upon the speed of your Internet connection.

While viewing these older PDF publications online, note that some of the pages have a blue box around the page. Move your mouse over the area enclosed by the blue box, and you should see the tiny hand change to a hand with a "W". These denote a clickable link, that will take you to the website for this advertiser.

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